Honda Rotors

The Honda car brand is highly recognized for manufacturing high quality cars for regular use as well as high performance cars, no matter if you are a racing driver or you use your car only to go to work, you are going to need high quality rotors.

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Facts You Should Know About Honda Rotors

Most people don’t understand much about Honda rotors. As simple as this may sound, it is capable of determining the entire working condition of your car.

For instance, it doesn’t really matter whether brake pads are new as there will not be proper contact once your rotors have been damaged. In a situation such as this, the vehicle will not stop as expected.

Are you searching for where to find out more information about Honda rotors? There is no need to bother as such search is over.

This post will be aiming to reveal every detail about Honda rotors. It will be answering some key questions that users of such components have been asking over the years.

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How long do Honda rotors last?

Most people make the mistake of considering time length when it comes to knowing how long Honda brake rotors can last instead of mileage.

On average Honda, rotors can last up to 70,000 miles. Such can be replaced once or twice during the lifespan of your car. This isn’t a set in stone rule though as there are some factors that can determine whether such rotor will last long or not. These are:

1 – Driving habits
Do you know that your driving habits can determine how long a Honda rotor will last? For instance, it won’t last as expected once you usually drive speed. Simply put, the slower you drive, the longer it will last.

2 – Brake quality
This is another crucial factor that can determine whether your Honda rotors will last long as expected. It depends on the type of brake you are making use of. In case you have decided to use an aftermarket or OEM brake, ensure to always go for one with high quality. This gives you the assurance that such a rotor will stand the test of time.

3 – Vehicle weight
In case you don’t know, the weight of your Honda vehicle can determine how long the brake rotor will last. For instance, a vehicle that doesn’t have too much weight will not need much work to be stopped as compared to one that is heavy. This depends on the load you are using it to carry.

Remember that despite Honda rotors being made to last for up to 70,000miles, it is crucial to check them regularly. This is to find out whether there are any uneven wears.

Who makes Honda rotors?

The first thing you have to note is that there is no particular supplier of Honda rotors. Rather, there are few such as Brembo, Nissin, and Akebono.

Akebono, for instance, owns technical centers in the US, France, Japan, and other locations. It is a reputable supplier of top Honda brake rotors.

Brembo is another producer of Honda brake rotors. With this company, you are guaranteed to always get high performance rotors for your Honda car.

Despite their expensive price tags, they are worth every penny. Finally, Nissin is another company that manufactures Honda rotors. It is known to have some of the most reliable Honda brake rotors.

The companies mentioned above have built a solid reputation over the years when it comes to making high quality Honda rotors available in the market. You can use their products without any fear.

Honda rotors OEM vs aftermarket

Sometimes, you get confused about whether to buy OEM or aftermarket rotors. They both have their advantages and disadvantages if you must know.

For instance, OEM rotors are manufactured by Honda or companies with licenses. However, they are always pretty expensive. If you have a tight budget, exploring this option may not be a wise decision.

On the other hand, aftermarket Honda brake rotors are affordable. They are a much cheaper option. The problem is that they can prove to be of lower quality as compared to OEM rotors.

Please note that there are some aftermarket rotors that have better quality as compared to OEM Honda rotors. You have to search very well in order to get the best.

In case you have decided to shop for an aftermarket rotor, some factors to take into consideration are warranty, quality (workmanship), and material composition.

Are drilled Honda rotors better than regular rotors?

This is one question that has been bothering lots of Honda car owners. The truth is that both are great but it all depends on some factors.

For instance, drilled Honda rotors are perfect for locations where there seems to be constant rainfall. This is because they tend to last much longer and deliver better friction. Regular rotors don’t perform very well in rainy climates.

However, drilled Honda rotors may not be the best option especially once you are using a racing car.

This is due to their inability to perfectly withstand heat as well as cool cycles. Simply put, they can easily develop cracks once used in these types of vehicles. Regular rotors are more effective in racing cars.

When it comes to which choice to make, don’t choose any Honda rotor based on the understanding that it can perform better than others. Instead, your choice should be majorly dependent on how you would want such a vehicle to stop.

How much Honda rotor replacement cost?

This depends on the repairer or company you must have hired to handle such a job. Also, the parts you have chosen to purchase will determine the price. For instance, there are mechanics who can charge up to $300.

There are times the cost can increase to around $700. As said earlier on, it depends on the repairer handling such replacement. If you hire an experienced company, the price is likely to be high. It is worth it though given that the replacement will be handled professionally.

Having said the above, it is obvious that there are lots of hidden facts about Honda rotors which people like you are yet to understand. Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt that this post has given you the perfect start on how to purchase the best rotors and ensure it is in the best of conditions.