Car Battery

It is true that engines are the heartbeat of every vehicle. However, there is no doubting the fact that batteries play a significant role in helping these engines work perfectly.

Without the right battery, your car may not work as expected. As a matter of fact, you are likely to spend more money than expected in such a situation.

Are you struggling to understand lots of facts about car batteries? Do you know these are one of the most crucial components of every vehicle? You have definitely come to the right place where car batteries will be discussed in the most comprehensive manner.

The details below will definitely help you understand more about how they have been designed to function in vehicles.

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How long does a car battery last?

The timespan that car batteries are expected to last is around 2-6 years before replacement is required. However, it is important to note that there are some factors or variables to consider. These will determine whether your car battery can last long as expected. They are listed below:

1 - Maintenance level
This is very important and shouldn’t be ignored if you want such a car battery to last. For instance, corrosion needs to be prevented through regular cleaning routines. This can affect the power of such a battery thereby shortening its lifespan. Also, always ensure that the battery is tested regularly.

2 - Quality of battery
Don’t buy any of those cheap car batteries in the market and expect such to last for 7 years. You may be disappointed eventually since it may not last up to 1 year. Try to take quality into consideration before deciding on which one to purchase. There are lots of low quality car batteries in the market. It will do you a lot of good to choose carefully.

One secret to sorting out low quality car batteries is checking reviews of customers. These give you a general idea of whether such a battery can deliver or not.

3 - Limiting short rides
When your car covers short distances regularly, the battery is always affected negatively. This is because there isn’t enough time to enable it to charge fully. It will be better for such short rides to be limited. Always cover long distances to enable it to charge properly.

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What's the best car battery brand?

There are different brands producing car batteries in the market today. While some are great and can meet your needs, others will fall short due to their low quality. Below are some of the most trusted brands you can buy a car battery from:

1 - Exide
When it comes to quality batteries, very few brands will provide you good value for money like Exide. It has managed to gain lots of reviews over the years from customers/car owners. The great part about its batteries is that they can fit into almost any car model.

2 - Interstate
Interstate batteries may be affordable as compared to others but such doesn’t mean their quality has been compromised in any way. As a matter of fact, you are guaranteed to use these batteries for at least 2-3 years.

3 - Optima
Optima is another trusted option that you can try out. This is because its batteries guarantee high performance. Also, they can be easily installed.

4 - Motorcraft
There are people who claimed to have used Motorcraft batteries for over 5 years. This is why you will find some which come with over 36 months prorate warranty.

5 - Deka
Deka car batteries are a great option. They can last at least 3-4 years before any replacement will be required. The batteries you will get with this brand are rugged and can withstand harsh conditions.

6 - Odyssey
The best part about odyssey batteries is that they can still perform excellently even when there is low temperature. They can last for up to 10 years once maintained properly.

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How much does a car battery cost?

Normally, a car battery is likely to cost between $50 and $120. It is important to note that special batteries can command a higher price as compared to others.

Their prices can be between $90 and $200. A major factor that usually determines the price is the type of battery you are purchasing.

One of the most common is the lead-acid battery. This can cost over $100. There is also an AGM (absorbent glass mat) battery which is very powerful. It can cost up to $200.

Another factor is the brand you must have decided to purchase. Just as there are different brands, that is how their prices vary.

There are lots of cheap batteries in the market that you can get for under $50. However, note that their qualities have been compromised in most cases. It is recommended to stick with any of the brands mentioned above despite their prices.

When to replace a car battery?

It depends on the brand of car battery you are using. For instance, 3-5 years is the perfect time to replace a battery once the brand is reliable.

This is because its power must have dropped. The best time to start exploring the replacement option is when such a battery must have lasted for up to 3 years. When it goes beyond this time span, there is every chance that it may not be reliable again.

It should be noted that when a car battery is not maintained, then replacement may be required sooner than expected. In other words, you may start considering the option of replacing it after 1year of usage.

How does a car battery work?

Car batteries have a capacity of 12 volts. This is because they usually contain six cells. Their major aim is to generate electricity which can help power car engines.

Whenever your car ignition gets switched on, there is a series of reactions taking place inside the battery. For instance, there is a reaction between the positive and negative plates.

The neutrons are generated through a device known as an alternator. Energy is transmitted to the battery through the help of a belt. It is this series of reactions that enable your car engine to start. When energy is generated, the engine will start working.

There is no doubt that the above details have made you to understand a lot about car batteries. Each time you plan buying or replacing one, let this post be your guide. It will always help to ensure you get good value for money.