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The Honda car brand is one of the best brands and most recognized worldwide for its high quality and incredible designs, at you will find the largest variety of spare parts for cars online specially manufactured for lovers of the Honda brand.

We have available to our customers a large number of spare parts for Honda cars and all their models such as: civic, accord, crv, odyssey, city, pilot, fit, hrv, ridgeline, integra, nsx, passport, insight, s2000, crx , element, crosstour, del sol, prelude and more.

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Most people don’t understand much about Honda auto parts. As simple as this problem may sound, it can affect you when it comes to knowing where and how to get the best Honda auto parts. In case you plan to purchase any of such accessories, ensure to read the details of this post.

It will be revealing some facts about Honda auto parts. Once you can understand all the required details about such parts, it becomes easier to experience all the benefits that they offer.

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What are aftermarket Honda auto parts?

These are auto parts that are not manufactured by Honda. However, they can be used in Honda cars. They can also be seen as any car part or accessories which can’t be traced to Honda. The popularity of these parts is increasing by the day. The reason is that most people are discovering their benefits. Some of them are:

This is one of the reasons why car owners usually prefer to purchase them as compared to parts that have been manufactured by Honda. In case you have a very tight budget, this is a very good option to explore. Once the price is sounding too good to be true, it is always recommended to find out about the quality of such parts.

Better availability
With the availability of aftermarket Honda parts, you don’t have to struggle to search for where to put your car in order. They are available in most local mechanic shops.

High quality
Do you know that aftermarket Honda parts are usually of very high quality? Some are even of higher quality when compared to parts manufactured by Honda. They have high performance and durability. The best part is that their costs are friendly.

The major shortcoming about these parts is the fact that some usually don’t have a warranty. There is also the risk of purchasing something of low quality. Despite these, it is still a great option to try out.

What are OEM Honda auto parts?

OEM is an acronym for original equipment manufacturers. This is the opposite of aftermarket Honda auto parts which have been explained above. Simply put, they are car accessories which are by Honda to meet the specifications of your car. It means the right one will always work fine in your car once installed. Some of the benefits of OEM Honda auto parts are:

1 – Quality assurance
These accessories are directly from Honda. Thus, there will not be any need for issues related to low quality. Their performances are always high when used.

2 – Availability of warranty
Unlike aftermarket parts, OEM Honda auto parts come with a warranty. You are always safe whenever the dealer is directly involved in the repair process.

3 – Easy choice
With OEM, you don’t have to struggle when it comes to choosing the Honda parts that can fit into your car. There are different specifications and models to choose from.

Having said all of these, it should be noted that OEM Honda parts are not without flaws. For instance, they can be very expensive. Also, you may need to purchase them from Honda. Another option is making the purchase through your local mechanic. This also takes time and limits you in lots of ways though.

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Where are Honda car parts made?

Honda parts are usually made in North America. A statement released by Honda explained that 94% of the company’s parts are produced from this location. This is due to the plants it has in Mexico and the US.

Some cities in the US where it has manufacturing facilities are Burlington, North Carolina, Russells Point, Ohio, Swepsonville, North Carolina, Greensburg, Indiana, Greensboro, North Carolina, and East Liberty, Ohio. While production takes place in these locations, contents are sourced from other countries too like Canada and Japan.

It is important to point out that Honda parts are also manufactured in China. This is currently being handled by 3 companies that Honda entered into a joint venture agreement. They are Honda Automobile (China) Co., Ltd, Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd, and Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd.

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Where to buy cheap Honda parts?

Do you know that it is possible to purchase Honda parts at affordable prices? This means that even on a shoestring budget, you can buy any such auto parts today.

There is only one way to do this which is buying from stores online. Trying to buy a Honda auto part from any of those offline shops is one way to shoot yourself in the legs without knowing. This is because their prices are always outrageous.

The parts you will find online are not just cheap but also of very high quality. It means nothing has been compromised. There are buyers who have claimed saving up to 80% using this method. Another benefit of purchasing from stores online is that such gives you access to a variety of parts. You have the freedom of choosing from different auto parts.

Are Honda auto parts expensive?

Yes, Honda auto parts are quite expensive. In case you have been wondering why below are some of the reasons:

Of course, when the Honda logo has been put in an auto part, you don’t expect the price to remain the same. This is one of the reasons why people prefer going for aftermarket parts. They usually don’t come with a logo and can be very reliable just like OEM Honda auto parts.

This is another reason why Honda parts are expensive. Most Honda auto parts come with a warranty. This means their manufacturers are ready to sacrifice something whenever there is a problem of low quality. When auto parts don’t have a warranty, they are usually cheaper.

Third-party manufacturers
Just as explained above, there are other companies producing these Honda auto parts. Of course, this is likely to drive the price upwards.